Monday, January 21, 2008

Focal Point

Well, I commented a while back that I was reading Focal Point by: Brian Tracy...well I finished the book and it is a good one to help with your goals and following a plan and staying focused.

The one thing I didn't do; which I never do while reading books; and I bet you don't either; is...He has suggested exercises to do at the end of the chapters; and I always said I'll go back and do them later....well damn. NOW i have to go back and read the book again and actually do the exercises.

But if you decide to read the book; do the exercises so that you don't have to read it again....

That's all...

Click here for a link to Amazon for his book.

It's been too long

...and I'm going to try and keep posting at least 1 post per week....that's my goal at least....

My trades are coming along...slowly but surely...but they are profitable.

Talk to you later and this is not my post for the week.

-Matt J